A bold system (no bs) to get and stay sober; holistically.

The Sober Sessions is a live virtual program for women

February 11th - March 17th

The Sober Sessions will navigate you through the first two years of your sobriety and what to expect to make one of the hardest decisions of your life livable so that you thrive; not just survive.

You are ready to LIVE the hell out of your SOBER life, but…

  • You don’t know if you can because you’ve drunk to cope with life’s problems and life without alcohol is too terrifying to imagine.  

  • You fear to let go of something that (you thought) gave you courage and made you brave

  • You are not sure that you need to give up alcohol because you haven’t hit rock bottom and you are not convinced that you need an alcohol-free life

  • You are too embarrassed to tell anyone, especially friends and family, that you quit drinking because you have a “drinking problem”

  • You are paralyzed by years of shame and guilt and cannot forgive yourself to move forward

  • Alcohol is everywhere you go and you are not confident in your self-control not to drink

  • You are scared that you will lose friends because you are “boring” and a “boring” life seems impossible to live

  • You are stuck in thinking sobriety will never get better so you fight yourself daily to give in to the drink

Welcome, Sister!

You are not alone.

You are in the company of women who drank for a combination of 40 years and have 11 years of sobriety between them. We have done all of the stupid shit during our addiction, made the most difficult choice of our life’s (begrudgingly) to quit drinking, and thought that we would never LOVE sobrietylike, ever!

Spoiler alert: we were completely wrong about loving sobriety.

The foundations we used to build the steps to get to this beautiful clear and present sober side of life, is what we bring to you during the sessions. We BRING IT with love, empathy, honesty, tears, and lots of laughter.

The good news is…

that by joining the sessions you will gain access to a strategic plan that you will use to move forward during the first two years of sobriety to build that beautiful clear and present sober life for yourself and thrive.

The great news is…

that by joining the sessions you will know yourself in a deep and loving way that gives you self-comfort and self-assurance to never doubt your choices or yourself again.

Who are we and why should you join us?

Courtney Andersen

Name: Courtney Andersen

Age: 36

The year my drinking started: 2000

The day I said f**k off to alcohol’s control: August 18, 2012

My #1 fear of living a sober life: I wouldn’t have fun again

My #1 love of sober living: LIVIN free of shame and guilt

What gives me the honor to teach you: I specialize in understanding the fear, anxiety and guilt you are suffering. I will push you through those feelings with love and sympathy that not every day are unicorns and scrunchies, I am a sober coach, health/fitness coach and a women who has tried it all herself

Self-Quote: There is beauty in the bottom

Three things you should know about me before you decided to join:

I have a time

I laugh daily

I love the Bravo network


Name: Lori Massicot

Age: 51

The year my drinking started: 1982

The day I said f**k off to alcohol’s control: August 11, 2013

My #1 fear of living a sober life: I would be an outcast

My #1 love of sober living: LIVING the hell out of the life that I told myself I couldn’t for 30 years

What gives me the honor to teach you: I specialize in identifying your BS and calling you out on it in a loving way, I’m a sober coach, a certified nutrition coach, and I have life experience and wisdom beyond measure

Self-Quote: Do it until you BELIEVE it

Three things you should know about me before you decide to join:

I value humor

I don’t do excuses

I love to dance to 80’s music (daily)

Together, we BELIEVE that alcohol does not belong in your life if you are fighting to try and make it work.

We BELIEVE in YOU and your ability to finish this program as strong as you started because you have a burning desire to get and stay sober (even if you don’t realize it yet.)

In case no one has told you lately: you are more than enough and deserve a kick-ass fulfilled life that does not include erasing yourself by drinking.

What you will learn during our 6-weeks together:

Week One: Let’s Get Bold

Feel good about your decision to get sober and feel those bold sober feelings right out of the gate! In session one, you will identify your relationship with alcohol and the reasons you drink or drank going all the way back to your childhood. You will begin our systematic approach to remove triggers and end avoidance so that you can work on what matters most; getting and staying sober.

Session One Training:

  • Create your 24-Hour Bold Plan that includes sleep, anxiety reduction, food, exercise, personal growth, connection and support, and a strategy if relapse occurs

  • Own your saboteurs and triggers to build a defense strategy to protect yourself daily while exploring your subconscious thinking

  • The truth about relapse and how to make it part of your plan

  • Letter writing exercise: Goodbye alcohol, HELLO me ~

Week Two: WE Are In This Together

Work together with your (past) drinking-self so that you give yourself permission to forgive and let go; for good. In session two, you will connect deeply to the emotional side of sobriety to begin loving yourself as you grieve your former drinking-life.

Session Two Training:

  • Confront your drinking shame and guilt to forgive yourself and move forward courageously even if you are scared AF

  • The truth of your drinking vs the lies you have lived with for years

  • Cry, scream, kick your way out of frustration and sadness to unf**k your brain and get on with living

  • Exercise: I forgive you, I love you, I’ve got your back, let’s GO (aka the most RAD forgiveness exercise ever!)

Week Three: The Line Is Drawn

Practice love and kindness towards yourself while you establish your healthy sober zone. In session three, you will face self-awareness to uncover where (and who) you need to place boundaries with in your daily life.

Session Three Training:

  • Align your values to your relationships to get clear on what you want

  • Build your social plan to give you confidence when you say I don’t drink and I need to leave…now!

  • Learn to calm your social anxiety and have fun without drinking

  • Exercise: No is a complete sentence

Week Four: I’m Fun; Not Boring

We dare you not to have fun with us this week! In session four, we will explore playtime like when you were a kid (before alcohol took over) to find PLAYFUL activities to make you feel YOUTHFUL and JOYFUL again.

Session Four Training:

  • Connect yourself to your favorite hobbies of yesteryear to bring creativity and flow back into your life

  • Explore your neighborhood and get curious to find new classes and opportunities that spark your curiosity

  • Group Exercise: Date yourself ~ you will participate in one sober solo-activity (don’t worry, we will do it too)

Week Five and Six: Feed Your Mind, Body, and Soul

You will learn and implement in your last two weeks as you dive into a complete wellness plan to move you forward. In session five, you will practice meditation, journal therapy, and daily movement to boost your serotonin levels and feel your best.

Session Five Training:

  • Learn how to focus on how exercise makes you feel so that you fall in love with moving your body daily

  • Build mental strength in 20 minutes a day to eliminate brain fog and indecision so that you find clarity and peace daily

  • Connect with your soul in a natural way to bring energy into your body and space

  • Exercise (literally:) Virtual Exercise Class (oh my, will this be fun!)

In session six, we will teach you how to enjoy eating in early sobriety without depriving yourself of foods you love. You will also learn how to detox from negativity and protect your space and energy to lock down your healthy sober zone and feel more than confident to make it work for life.

Session Six Training:

  • Learn how to track your feelings not your calories to eat without shame, guilt or regret

  • Detox the junk to surround yourself with an uplifting environment (both at home and on social media)

  • Exercise: Map out your first two years of sober self-care and wellness

Your Sessions Include:

  • The Sober Sessions self-study companion guide to help you navigate through each session with ease

  • Weekly video training (take on the go) and exercise worksheet delivered every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. p.s.t. via your training dashboard

  • Downloadable lifetime access to the course so you can go at your own pace

  • Closed Facebook group for community, connection, and support and access to the group indefinitely (see FAQ below)

  • Weekly LIVE coach Q & A with us to answer your questions and help you finish your session work

  • Weekly email to empower you with tips, resources, and tools to use during each weeks session

  • Coach connect day to reach out to us individually (Wednesday afternoon - hours tbd)

  • Exclusive RAW podcast to motivate you to keep going each week (you will LOVE this)

After you complete The Sober Sessions you will feel:

  • Confident in your decision to get and stay sober because you have a well thought out plan in place

  • Knowledgeable in the foundations of sobriety and what works for you to thrive during your first two years

  • Excited about what is to come in your new sober life because you have a new perspective on what living a sober lifestyle looks like

  • Self-Aware and ready to do the work it takes not to just quit drinking but to LIVE and THRIVE in sobriety

  • Supported by the sober women who are all around you in our group; you feel the love and know you are not alone

  • Grateful that you took the first step you needed to build your sober plan and stop second-guessing your choice

  • Happy because have lifted the drinking burden off of your shoulders and replaced it joyful activities that light your pants on fire

  • Self-Assured and ready to conquer your sobriety with knowing 100% that YOU are in control of designing your life and nothing will stop you

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
— Maya Angelou

The Investment in YOU

One-time payment of $297


Two payments of $157

48-hour RAW Community Offer

February 8th - February 10th @ 6:00 p.m. p.s.t.

  • $100.00 off when you enter code: BELIEVE at check-out

  • A special gift from your new sober squad (us) that will lift you up and get you excited to start (to the first 25 students)


Why is this program based on the first two years?

In our experience of getting and staying sober; the first two years were the hardest. We know what to focus on to you build strength in your mental clarity and physical body that will help you immensely during this challenging time.

My schedule is crazy, how much time do I need to complete the weekly session work?

Please allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours a week for the session work and discussion to get the most out of the program.

Tip: don’t look at it as another thing you are adding to your plate; look at the sessions as personal growth and an experience that will help you design your new way of living and your future.

Once you enroll, you are a student of sobriety; and that, sister, takes time and grace.

How is the program delivered:

We use Teachable for our school site. Once you enroll, you will set up your Teachable username and password so that you have 24/7 access to the session material. Each Session is released weekly - not all at once - so that you can keep up without getting overwhelmed.

Have no fear; The Sober Sessions is streamlined and effective; not a bunch of fluff!

Do I need to be on Facebook to do this program?

Yes. We know Facebook is not for everyone but it’s only 6-weeks, you can join the group and delete your account when we are done.

Also, as a student, you will be able to stay in the group indefinitely and participate each time we release The Sober Sessions to new students. This means you will get updates and new information added to help you during your two-year plan.

How long do I have access to the program?

Each session is downloadable for you to keep for life.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course and us being hands-on from the beginning, we will only honor a refund if the program did not work for you after 21-days. You will be required to complete the work (log into the sessions) and show proof of your completed workbooks and weekly exercise and that you have gotten on the Q & A calls. No exceptions.

There will be no refunds given for I changed my mind OR I just wanted to check it out but decided not to join, you must do the work.

Is this a replacement program for my support group or therapy sessions?

No. The Sober Sessions can only be used for educational and motivational support, and as a companion to your treatment of choice.

Also, please understand that we do not prescribe to any one form of sobriety or recovery.

Still not sure if you want to be part of our sober squad?

Take a listen…

Still not sure? Let us help you decide ~ please fill in the contact form below and we will answer any of your questions or concerns.

Lori Massicot

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Don’t put yourself off any longer; if you know you need sobriety in your life and want desperately to make it work, we encourage you to take the first step in making it happen.

Regardless of if you join our family, we want you to get the help that you need to rock the hell out of your life and stop running from fear and self-doubt.

You’ve got this - now go out & get it!

Disclaimer: The Sober Sessions is a program under Real Aligned Women, LLC. Courtney Andersen and Lori Massicot are acting members of Real Aligned Women, LLC. Payments received for The Sober Sessions will be paid to Real Aligned Women, LLC.

Courtney Andersen and Lori Massicot do not give you any medical advice, including medicines or supplement recommendation, nor treatment for addiction, eating disorders, or any other health condition.

Please refer to your medical professional if you have any questions or concerns before enrolling in The Sober Sessions.