Welcome to your RAW Recovery community. 

We are here to support you and love you wherever you are in your recovery.  We realize recovery looks different for everyone and that is why RAW does not support just one type of platform.  

As a RAW member, you will be given insights to different views and perspectives to open your mind and heart to what works for you and what doesn't.  It's okay to say "This isn't working, I need something else."  In recovery you shouldn't feel bad or guilty for doing "whatever it takes" to stay sober. 

As a FOUNDING MEMBER, we are opening up our coaching as a complimentary service to you by gifting you with a 30-minute phone call.  During this call, we will discuss what is on your mind and help you work through where you need help while offering support.  

Please fill in the form below to schedule your call.  Calls will be scheduled within 48 hours of receiving your request ~ no rescheduling if you cancel or don't show up.  

*Courtney + Lori will not give any advice (especially medical or mental health related,) but will give you our full attention and share what has worked for us if that will help you.  

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