1:1 45-Day Foundations in Recovery Program

We have designed this program to meet you where you are in your recovery. We know that not everyone follows the same path to an addiction free life and we know (100%) that it is not easy if you do not have the tools and resources that you need to get you to the next level of freedom.

We have both completed extensive training’s and hours of personal development to reach a place in our own recovery that will help make an impact on your life by teaching you simple (not easy) foundations to build a solid sober plan.

The 45-Day Foundations in Recovery Program is a no-fluff, no-fillers, support and accountability package that will get down to the real reason you are drinking and help you focus on your why to quit and make a sustainable path to recovery.

This package is not a guarantee of sobriety or does not align with one way to quit; it is personalized for you and your needs and your life. 1:1 coaching is an intimate relationship and as coaches, we listen, we share our experiences to help you, and we give you the resources you need to make the long-term sober transition in your life.

Who is this for?

The 45-Day Foundations in Recovery Program is perfect for you if you:

  • Want sober consistency in your life.

  • Want to talk to a woman who has experienced what you are going through in a private and safe environment.

  • Are giving into cravings after a couple of weeks of staying sober and need support and guidance through triggers and habits.

  • Want to build confidence in yourself and your decision to quit and not give into you.

  • Are tired of the dancing around the real reason you drink and are ready to own your truth.

What is included:

  • Six Weekly 60-minute Skype calls with your Coach (recorded calls sent within 24 hours)

  • Unlimited access via Voxer app or text

  • Journal Prompts + weekly worksheet

  • Recovery Journal designed to support your goals, self-care, and daily habits

  • A maintenance plan going forward (we are not going to leave you in the dust)

Foundations in Recovery Enrollment Price $297.00 or two payments of $150.00.

To register with Courtney

To register with Lori

What happens next? Whichever Coach you choose to work with will contact you to set up payment and arrange your first Skype call within 72 hours and order your Recovery Journal to be sent to you direct. After that, the possibilities are endless of what you will takeaway from our work together. Exciting, right?

Your road to sustainable recovery starts today!


Hi y'all! I'm Courtney Andersen, yes, I'm a y'all person!  Southern roots but raised in the Midwest. I'm a Sober Coach, Health + Fitness Coach, and the Founder of Sober Vibes an online support community for recovery and sober-curious women of all ages.  I'm a wife and cat mom to my little fur pants, Fiona.  My favorite day of the year is August 18, 2012, because that is the day I finally stopped the madness of addiction and started to do some real LIVIN!

I will share with you what led me to quit drinking, my path to recovery, and what has worked for me to live my life alcohol-free and happy!


I’m Lori Massicot! I’m a certified nutrition coach, sober coach, and holistic wellness coach for women over 40. I’m the host of the To 50 & Beyond Podcast, entrepreneur, and a multi-passionate student of life.  On a personal note; I’m a mom, wife, Scorpio, dog lover,  80's dance enthusiast, and a proud sober woman since August 11, 2013. 

I will share with you how I quit drinking during perimenopause and the path I took (on my own) to find the true me, and what I needed in my life that I had not found until I quit drinking.